How to be Removed from Ad Pages Mailing Lists is Your Online Savings Destination offering local residents access to local coupons and deals. Along with our website we also send out a Monthly Shared Coupon Magazine called Ad Pages Magazine. We support Small Local Businesses and our goal is to support our local community as well. We try and offer only the most relevant and entertaining deals while helping our readers save money. We know the importance of a dollar and love that we are able to provide savings to our readers on Local Deals and Local Coupons.

We think our deals are great ,however, we understand that some individuals would prefer to not receive our local deals and coupons. We want to make Removing Yourself from our Mailing List as easy as possible. Below you will find helpful tips and links that will instruct you on how you can remove yourself from the mailing list and will also educate you a little more on Saturated Mailings like Ad Pages Magazine.

What is Saturated Mail?
Ad Pages Magazine is a Saturated Mailer. This means that Ad Pages has partnered with the USPS who supplies the address of individuals in certain zip codes and carrier routes and we send our magazine to everyone in that zip code/carrier route. This list is constantly updated and Ad Pages works hand in hand with the USPS to make sure that these address are correct and we are not mailing to anyone who is on the Do Not Mail List.

Ways to get Off our Mailing List.
Although we think that our deals are amazing we know that you might not want to receive our monthly coupon magazine. Removing yourself from our mailing list is as easy as 1,2,3. Just click here ,choose “Removal From Magazine Mailing List” and fill out the necessary information. Your address is the most important information we need since this is what we provide to the USPS so that you will not keep receiving our Ad Pages magazine. You can also email us at [email protected] along with your physical address. We receive these requests periodically and attempt to honor them as they come in. Our data is supplied by the USPS and we then work to suppress those addresses when we get our regular addressing updates from the USPS. As we have to remove unwanted addresses each and every time a magazine mails. We suggest that the only fool proof way to avoid these mailings 100% of the time would be to have your address removed from the USPS database so it is not sent out to the direct mail industry in the first place.

Why Would I keep Receiving Ad Pages Magazine if I requested to be removed form the Mailing List?
Although we work with the USPS very closely it takes a while to completely stop receiving the monthly Ad Pages Magazine. Since this is a monthly magazine we make sure to updated our lists monthly and send these updated lists directly to the Postal Office. Once we have sent these lists and confirmed that the US Postal Office has received these lists it is out of our hands. If there is ever an issue with you receiving the Ad Pages Magazine after being placed on the Do Not Mail list please contact us immediately through our Contact Us page Here. We take this very seriously as Ad Pages Magazine strives to honor requests for those who wish to opt out of receiving our mailings.

We hope this has provided you with a little more insight as to how our mailings work. Our team here at Ad Pages cares about the local community and making sure that our readers have access to Local Savings.