About Us

Why do we exist as a company? Ad Pages mission statement has always been to help business owners generate more revenue from new and existing customers while providing savings to our local readers.

Our core values are the foundation of the culture at Ad Pages. There are 6 Core Values that Ad Pages has defined most important. These applied values contribute to making the perfect Ad Pages Employee, Manager and Colleague.


Ad Pages was started as a direct mail magazine in Dallas, Texas in February of 1988 by our founder and current president, Bill Squiric. At the time Ad Pages had zero employees, zero capital and zero customers. Ad Pages did have, however, a wonderful idea to offer direct mail coupons within a magazine format. The goal was to create a magazine so attractive and so filled with usable coupons that readers would notice it in the mailbox and then value it enough to keep it around the house for constant use.

We succeeded and the concept has worked exceptionally well. Now, over 35 years later, we are mailing over 20 million magazines throughout 80+ individual DFW, Austin, San Antonio, & St. Louis communities and suburban markets every year.

In addition, we have coupon and daily deal websites that market amazing discounts to 1000′s of email subscribers and social media followers on a daily basis. We offer many online advertising options, from daily deal email marketing, to self-managed free coupons, to social media campaigns that have helped 100′s of local businesses grow their customer base through low-risk marketing options. We also own and operate a large commercial printing and direct mail operation which services our own companies as well as the general business public.

We were able to become and stay successful because we have a great track record of making our advertisers money and giving our readers special discounts and coupons they can use everyday. And most importantly, because God has just simply been gracious to us – beyond belief.

Call us or email us today and let one of our professional Ad Consultants show you how Ad Pages Companies can help your business make more money. Or, simply enjoy the online coupons we have provided for your use.

Bill Squiric
President, Ad Pages Companies